RoqSolid is an Israeli licensed importer of foodstuffs for 13 years, distributing mainly organic raw materials for manufacturers.

More recently, RoqSolid has begun importing retail items from the organic sector, and for four years has been the exclusive importer into Israel of the Germany-based Schnitzer GmbH food company

Through the years we have built strong relationships with over 500 points-of-sale in health and natural food stores in Israel, as well as restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Our active online marketing presence has allowed us to add direct end-user delivery capabilities, putting us in a unique position to efficiently penetrate your brand into the local market.

Enthused by our having surpassed sales benchmarks and our visible on and offline sales and marketing efforts and achievements, Schnitzer has now extended our import exclusivity for another two years, instead of the prior rolling annual one.

Importation and Distribution

Our objective is to be your brand’s exclusive Israeli importing extension in the health-based foodstuffs category, focusing on developing this untapped market for your brand.

Our passion is to spotlight low-carb and gluten-free products. Whether you seek new targeted markets, new distribution, or sales enhancement in Israel, RoqSolid will work together with you to develop the business.

Outsource your Sales Force

Instead of opening a full-fledged office, outsource your Israeli market sales to RoqSolid as your direct importer and watch us produce results.

Our multi-lingual RoqSolid business development team provides a seamless, highly-professional sales representation system that will build a loyal Israeli customer base for your brand. We will be your brand’s eyes, ears and feet on the ground and conduct ourselves as your brand in Israel.

In addition to tapping into our existing network, our staff will present your products at industry trade shows, client meetings and direct cold calls, among other avenues, to help you reach your sales goals in our region.

According to our proven sales track-record, we will develop your sales and marketing plans to maximize your brand’s growth.

Sales Methods and Distribution Channels

RoqSolid places food imports into retail, wholesale and industrial sales channels, using direct and indirect distribution techniques.

We cover all aspects of the sales cycle, from prospect development to cold-calling, negotiating contracts and post-sales account development and management, supported by a full-time digital marketing contingent to cover social media and website presence.

Where necessary, we outsource and manage other distribution channels, including leveraging on their training and support.

Contracts Negotiation

With 25 years of experience bridging business styles, we take pride in building win/win solutions for all our stakeholders.

Our rich breadth of skills expands our sales penetration into larger chain stores, noting their myriad requirements and expectations.

Account Management, Closing of Deals and Post Sale Follow-up

RoqSolid monitors your brand’s sales accounts on an ongoing basis, ensuring that your brand’s development needs are continuously met.

The RoqSolid sales and marketing team can help close complex deals, and then represent your company and your brand long after that deal is closed.

We assist with the commonplace continual product feedback and usability issues that help create repeat sales.

No need for your Intense VAR Sales Management

RoqSolid will stay up-to-date and keep your brand’s local image precisely tuned to your company’s policies, products and growth targets with ongoing reports, meetings and communication.

The RoqSolid Team

Todd R. Kedes – Founder

Todd brings with him over 20 years of direct sales and business development experience, including five years in the field of high-tech international channel development.

Prior to and concurrently with the founding of RoqSolid, Todd worked for some of the biggest companies and business entities in Israel.

Previously, Todd worked for Marnetics as a reseller channel development expert (VAR – value added resellers); at Magna Capital as a field market research expert, including customers such as: Tnuva (Israel’s largest food company) as the field work team manager for establishing Tnuva USA; Rafael Aerospace, gathering key information on chip technologies; Anvey Tzion, a former Tnuva subsidiary, as the field work team manager; HomeCenter for a business intelligence project in Poland, and BOS as a pre-sales service provider for the UK.

Todd’s experience crosses six continents, and his commitment to his work and clients spurred him to pick up five languages at a business level (Italian, Spanish, English, Hebrew, Portuguese). In addition, he holds some working proficiency in French and German.

Todd has an MSBA (Dean's list) and an MBA (Dean's list) from the University of Southern California specializing in International Marketing and Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. He holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and has many life interests and hobbies to connect with colleagues and clients.

You may contact Todd by email at

Shlomi Amoyal

Shlomi is our nationwide sales agent, currently the sales representative for Schnitzer in Israel.

Shlomi was introduced to Schnitzer beer promotions as a part-time pourer for taste-testing and quickly proved his interpersonal skills and strong go-to work-ethic.

Through his dedication to excel, Shlomi has had significant training in interpersonal communication, being solutions-focused and oriented toward client excellence.

Shlomi has worked in sales his entire career and understands the value of resilience and adaptability. Previously, Shlomi worked in FMCG sales for Philip Morris’ e-cigarette product, iQos. Prior to that, he was involved in real estate sales and was the Sales Office Manager for Reef Realty Co.

Danny Popko

Married, father of three, from Emek Hefer, israel.

Danny has worked for over 22 years in the fields of advertising, marketing and branding in the digital world. Five of those years he worked as a manager in the local McCann Erikson advertising office.

For the past seven years, Danny has been accompanying and consulting in the digital marketing world to help clients attain success.

Ori Tamari

Ori is a business strategist with over 20 years of experience in business management, planning and execution, international marketing, strategic sales and channel development, software architecture and design.

Ori has extensive experience in the high-tech and technology markets, and a deep understanding of digital marketing, social media and data analytics.

Ori has served in a variety of sales and marketing, development and managerial positions for technology companies, and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv.